Farm-Tour & U-Pick

  • Due to a lack of staff and in order to provide an in-depth experience, we consolidate Tour & U-Pick into a once a month fee-based class.   For more info on the class, click the “Go To Class” button on the left side.
  • U-Pick is an option and you pay based on the market price.  Make sure to bring a box or container to take your mushrooms home.
  • Face mask is required and a jacket is recommended when U-Pick.

Allergy Warning

  • Mushrooms are living things and it breaths too.
  • As mushrooms breath, they drop spores which are tiny, reproductive cells that allow fungus to replicate and grow.
  • In rare cases, some people are susceptible to develop an allergic reaction to spores.
  • The common symptoms are similar to the common cold with itchy throat and headache.

VIP Tour is available for private groups.

pork, meat, slow cooked

VIP Tour

  • This tour has cover charge of $25 per adult and $10 per student up to high school.
  • Minimum of 4 adults are required and prepaid prior to tour date.
  • Cancellation is required 24 hours prior to the tour for full refund.  Otherwise, 50% of cover charges will be refunded.
  • It is designed to provide cooking recipes and an actual cooking demo with a sample of the prepared recipe for tasting.
  • It should take about 40 min. to 1 hour.
  • It includes the following:
    • Farm-Tour
    • U-Pick (optional)
    • One 5oz mushroom sampler: Adult only
    • Cooking demo & sample of prepared recipe with a copy of the recipe to take home to try.