Agri-Waste into Fertilizer.

The beauty of bottle cultivation is the sustainability which converts wastes into something useful during the mushrooms production.  As the plant grows in the soil, the mushrooms need a medium like soil to grow from and that medium is substrate.  In our case, substrate is made out of agri-wastes such as Peanut Hulls and Wheat Brans.  Once Peanut Hulls and Wheat Brans are mixed with drinking water, the substrates are colonized by mushroom mycelium for 60 days.  After harvesting fresh and natural oyster mushrooms, those spent mushroom substrates become natural and fertile composts which are good for soil amendments.  

Water Conservation  &  Reusable Bottles.

The substrates are resided inside of polypropylene plastic bottles during the entire mushroom production phases.  Water is constantly applied while growing mushrooms.  But the majority of water needed to grow mushrooms are reserved inside of the plastic bottles so that we reduce the ambient water applied.  In addition, all of the growing areas are equipped with an electric controller to minimize using unnecessary water consumption.

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