Green Box Mushroom farm is very serious about food safety and keeping farm clean.  Our farm policy and manual upkeep this on-going tasks and train & monitor our employee daily.  As a result, we are certified on three certifications until year 2021.


MGAP is an audit certification that uses  industry-wide Food Safety Standards for fresh mushroom growing, harvesting, and shipping.  


CNG is “The Grassroots Alternative to Certified Organic”, and is a US-based farm assurance program certifying produce, livestock and apiaries for organic producers who sell locally and directly to customers.   


Georgia Grown is a program created by the Georgia Department of Agriculture that seeks to create desire, and increase demand for Georgia’s products.  Our mushrooms are 100% born & raised in Georgia.

Speaking of “100% born & raised in Georgia”,  I would like to inform that some of mushrooms on the markets are born in China & raised in Georgia.  Unfortunately, law does not enforce the vendor or farm to specify the origin of mushrooms yet.  Locally grown does not mean they are 100% born & raised local.  Be aware of this fact and verify the origin from the producing farm.