100% Produced in US

Producing NON-GMO & all natural Oyster mushrooms year round!


Bottle Cultivation


MGAP, CNG & GA Grown

Tour & U-Pick

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Watch us on "A Fork in the Road" TV Show

On the first Saturday of each month we will be hosting a cookout event in the parking lot from 11am to 2pm. It will be filled with opportunities to learn about mushrooms and their benefits along with a live cooking demo. There will be bite sized samples available to taste and when you purchase a 5oz container you get a free meal. 

Meat the Mushrooms

Join us June 5 between 11 to 2.
Menu – Po Boy Mushroom Sandwich
Charity – All donation goes to  Hall County FOP “Shop with COP” Project

Need help with cooking recipes?

Check out a couple of our recipes using oyster mushrooms, also feel free to share any recipes that you might have using mushrooms and we can include them here on our website. We also include a cooking class as part of our VIP Tour.  


If you are interested in mushroom farming, selling  oyster mushrooms,
and becoming a partnership,