Free Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms every day in Atlanta.
But we need your support

Green Box Mushroom uses bottle cultivation technique to grow various fresh and no pesticide mushrooms daily.  My husband and I have been preparing this business for last 3 years, and  we are at the last stage.  We would like to get your feedback on the quantity of demand for fresh Oyster Mushrooms.

  1. We will offer 2.2 LB (1 Kg) of fresh Oyster mushrooms to everyone who registers with us.
  2. Participate our short marketing survey, I will offer 20% discount coupon *, valid for 10 future purchases.
  3. Email us non-legal binding Letter Of Interest to show us you are interested in purchasing our mushrooms, I will also offer 50% discount coupon *, valid for 10 future purchases.
    * Only receive higher discount coupon based on your participation.

I really appreciate your time and your support for our farm in advance, and I promise to produce fresh and healthy mushrooms to all Georgians every day.


Elizabeth Moon
Proud Woman Farmer in Atlanta, GA

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