About Us

Mission Statement
– Be an advocator and pioneer in mushroom farming industry.

Vision Statement
– Introduce and educate health benefits of various fresh mushrooms grown year around, and supply to local markets.

– Green Box Mushroom farm is the first branch of DDLEACHE in US.  DDLEACHE has been growing mushrooms in Korea since 2001.  DDLEACHE grows mushrooms indoor year around and produces 3,000 LB of mushrooms daily.  Their indoor high tech farming facility controls temperature and humidity 24 hours 365 days for perfect growing environments.  As a result, DDLEACHE can supply top and consistent quality of fresh mushrooms to grocery stores all over Korea.


– Green Box Mushroom farm is looking at 30,000 sq. ft. space around Gainesville, GA. and is planning to open Spring of 2018.
– Farm will produce 300Kg of Oyster Mushroom daily at first.


– Green Box Mushroom farm is planning to grow 4 different types of mushrooms such as Yellow and Pink Oyster Mushroom, Lion’s Mane (Pom-Pom), Beech Mushroom (Shimeji), and Cordyceps.  Green Box Mushroom is planning to produce 100 LB of each type of mushroom a day.
–  Gradually expand the facility to produce 3,000 LB of mushrooms daily.
– Open up an Education center for experimental hands-on facility to engage younger generation.
– Reuse coffee grinds to reduce waste and become an organic farm for fresh locally grown produce.